Can someone make this a diagonal split screen for me?

I looked up videos and I even look on here and I still don’t know how to do or what site to use for making split screens so can someone help me please!!!:heart:


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hey, do you mean like in zone 1 there are two separate bgs?

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So I want to do a FaceTime call

do you have an example?


Do you mean something like this:

I’ve made these ones for my own stories and it’s super easy to do :blush:

With split screens you need two backgrounds, the one that each character is going to be in, and decide which zone you want to use in each.

It also helps if the background is provided in the size used on the portal, as yours is very small here and will come out in poor quality if used.



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I had got that background from the portal but I uploaded it and when I copied it that’s how it came out

Yeah you can’t copy and paste the image, you have to click on the image on your portal, that shows you the image in a bigger size than the thumbnail version among your catalogue. Save that bigger image, and then upload it here.

Then you also need the second image, and to clarify which zones you want to use.

Can you explain in detail how to do it? Cause if you upload BG #1 and have CHAR1 stand there, won’t her feet leak into the split screen (BG #2?) Then it’ll look weird. Sorry but I just can’t understand it, please bear with me :sweat_smile:

Sure, if you want to send me a DM, I’ll talk you through it so that we don’t clog up this topic :slight_smile:

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sure - messaged you!