Can someone make this an overlay?


Can someone please make an overlay of the circled area so it’ll look like the character is walking behind it?

Thank you!


Uh… like this?



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I don’t want the circle exactly, I want the railings. If that makes any sense.


Episode harmony can




Do you still need this?




Okay. I will work on it in a little while for you.


Can I send the background without the circle a small well?


I didn’t want it to be a circle, I wanted the railings so you could see they character walking behind it.

Not to sound rude.


No I know what you want thas why I need the background without the circle drawn on it


Oh, okay I’m sorry I didn’t understand.:joy:


It’s okay… lol


Here ya go @RENEE_T


Thank you so much, would should I credit you at?


You can credit me here @ChayChay or insta @Chay_episode_615


Got it!:wink: