Can someone make this as a mirror overlay for me? [URGENT] 🥺

I’m coding a mirror scene
I have tried watching Joseph Evan’s mirror making tutorial, but it doesnt work using gimp. :sneezing_face:
So, can someone help me in making this background for a mirror overlay pweasee? :pleading_face:

Any help is appreciated…Thank you!! :hugs::heart:

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Bump ! :sneezing_face:

This should work!

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OMG thank you sooo muchhh !! :sob::heart_eyes:
Btw can you make the mirror color a little bit lighter? :sweat_smile:
Beacuse I’ll be focusing more on the mirror character…so thats why :sweat_smile:

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Now its perfect…thank youu soo muchh! :pleading_face:
What name should I credit you as lovely? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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No credit needed!

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Hey, that image is showing up on a bunch of Pinterest pages, are you sure it’s not copyrighted?

No…I requested someone for a background and they gave me this picture…I guess this picture is in different sites so thats why its showing up? Idk :thinking:
But, the person who gave me this was an editor, but I dont remember the name…

Well then the person who gave it to you must’ve got it from Pinterest, this is someone else’s background.

Finding backgrounds on sites like Pinterest will most likely mean that they’re copyrighted. It’s best not to use them in your story because it goes against the rules.

Goodness! I should have checked before I uploaded it :woman_facepalming:
Then can I edit it? Beacuse I have already wrote the scene and changing the background will create a mess for my script…
Just changing the color of cabinets and other stuff?

You don’t own the background, so it’s not yours to edit. Unless you can track down the original owner of the background (which is nearly impossible) and find their terms of use, sadly you’ll have to change your scene.

Okayyy then…Thank you for saving me before my story was getting taken down :sweat_smile:
By the way, those who draw backgrounds, is it okay if I ask them to draw a background similar to this?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s okay to use it as a reference if you’re getting a custom made background. Just don’t ask them to trace over it or edit it and you should be fine.

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