Can Someone Make This Couch Longer?


In my upcoming reality tv story, there are 12 starting contestants and there’s not enough room for them all to sit. Can someone make the couch longer on the following images so I can get them to fit on?


where did u get this background?


if you got it from an author, make sure to read their terms first.


Gotta say it’s a good bg


ikr. But im having a feeling tht this is someones background. :thinking:


I could try to do a reverse check if he doesn’t know


ok. U can do it just in case.


It’s only putting up what related


oh ok.


Hey P.s your Halloween backgrounds are very good




No problem


It’s from an author names @bintang.episode on instagram, I forgot to tag her in the post so I’ll do that now. I’ll ask her if I can ask someone to make the couch a little longer but she’ll obviously still receive credits when I use them in my story.


ok cool