Can someone make this cover please?

So I want to make a new cover for my story but I’m running out of ideas so can someone maybe come up with a interesting cover?

here’s the details -

skin tone - tan
brow - smooth arch
hair - beach wave hair (cayenne)
eyes - round classic (blue)
face - soft heart
nose - upturned
lips - full round (terracotta)


boy -

skin - toffee
brow - medium sharp
hair - modern pompadour
eyes - deepest sloping
face - chiseled square
nose - strong
mouth - smirk

Here’s the description to give u more of a idea -

As Iris runs away from her abusive life, she soon fall for a sexy gang leader… But can she change him for the better?

(idrc what u change as long as the cover looks dangerous since its about a gang leader)

k thanks if you can do it :wink:

Can you send the characters in the outfits in the poses you want?

that’s the thing I don’t know what I want lol

(You can decide that as long as it looks dangerous)