Can someone make this image a png


i know this is a really sucky picture i would of did this myself with ibis paint x but i don’t have a phone


The hair image?




oof the character


right click on your character then save as.

In other words, click on your character that is showing in the preview. You must right click then save as. Your character will be in a png file when you save it. I think…hang on.


Yeah save it then send it to me, I will put it in a png file. I just need to remove the white background then I will resend to you.


omfg i totally forgot i could do that ughhhhhh


lol. no worries. :joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


ok idk why but it’s not working maybe its bc i’m on a laptop


What is not working? I am using my laptop right now. lol


this is what happens


click select all then right click again


came to the same thing


i guess it the type of laptop your using,


it is new idk

only had it for a little while


maybe if i just send you my character details u could just make the character in an ea screenshot go to whatever u use to get rid of the background and boom




yeah. send it to me.


Download it then open it up. The background shouldnt be showing.


thank youuu