Can someone make this overlay for me?


Can someone make an overlay for the top blanket of the bed from the island bedroom for me?
I need it to be from the perspective of looking down, on the bed.
Thanks so much <3 :smile:






I am pretty sure it is included in the Google docs in this post:


Thanks for sharing my drive Herman, but I only have it from side view, not bird’s eye view lol :sweat_smile:


Ohhh, I read the og post wrong. ^^;




She’s not wanting an overlay, my love. She’s wanting a complete change to the background- making a new one with a different perspective


@Rramsey225 like this?
if you like it, please credit me, thank you! If you don’t, please tell me.


I think that looks great! Good job :grin::+1::clap:


Oh, and the blanket overlay is here:


or you’re talking about the one in the picture?


thanks so much!!


No problem!