Can someone make this please

I want a picture for my background of one of my episodes

Where she is looking through the peephole to see emerald eyes staring at her (so dont add her just a peephole of emerald eyes on the other side.)

and another one of just emerald eyes

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anyone -_-

Huh. You want some green Episode eyes, or what’s the deal here? Can you explain exactly what you want?

It can be or just any eyes that are green.

thats more specific i can get

Alright, I’ll see what I can do!

Hey, can I get a more high-def pic of his eyes? I try to zoom in and they become really blurry. If you could get a screenshot on your phone in Episode, that’d be great.

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Are you looking for something like this?

Omg yes :smiley:

And also one where it’s just his eyes. Like I just wrote just barely opened the bathroom door and saw those emerald eyes again. Like that’s the first thing she sees nothing else. And btw that’s really good I can’t draw etc for crap

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Alright! I only have the picture you gave me. But all I intend to do is crop it. And lol I didn’t draw that. I took a picture off of Google and erased the middle.

Well I still cant do that either

Okay! Haha lololol. I can literally do the bare minimum.

are you able to do the other one?

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Sorry. I got busy with something.
Did you just want a close up of his face?

no i just wanted where you just see his eyes thats not. dont have his face in it i suck at explaining


Soooo… something like this?


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Great! I’m glad I could help.