Can someone make this to a PNG please?

Hey guys can someone please crop the table as a png, so I can put it over the background?
I will credit you 100%


Hey! I wish I could help… where have you found this?


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Thanks! Hope you find help soon :slightly_smiling_face:

I can help! Just the table, right?

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Yes! Sorry, my photoshop thing got expired thats why ahaha

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Hi, are you sure this background is copyright free? Usually backgrounds and pictures in general on Pinterest are copyrighted.

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I know i have the original website worh the creator which ill tag in the story

that arent good enough. you need to have permission to use it.

think on it like this are you allowed to use Mickey mouse in episode stories if you say its own by Walt Disney, no you arent, same goes for backgrounds. someone owns them. you dont know if someone els have pay for the background. so that they can use it for, lets say a visuel novelle. then they own it not the artist.

I just searched up free episode anime backgrounds, n that popped up then I clicked on their website and downloaded the img,

and that means its not copyright free you can not take pictures you find on pinterest. often they dont even send you to the right places here is an example

this picture right here

if you click on the website. it will send you to a profil on devianart called friend2alex. so ods is you would credit her

but it is actually drawn by NaikoruJ, a completly diffrent person. and she dosent even own it anymore. she have sold it to 3 diffrent people. one been me I own dress number 1. so you actually need my permission to use this dress.

this is why you need to make sure picturesd is copyright free.

pinterest is not copyright free they just steal art from where ever and often the link to orginal is a mess.

and its not enough you just credit people. permission is needed . example are people allowed to take a picture of you and put it billboard on with a tag saying its you.

and please do no say but episode approved it, because they cant always figure out what is copyright free and what arent. its really hard sometimes.

I am not sure if this sound a bit hars I am trying to explain it. but I feel like I am not doing it well.


I hope this is good enough! You can credit my forum :slight_smile:

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I didnt even add it on episode yet i just want the overlay first, you don’t sound harsh, but if you want to talk more ab this just message me ahaha, this thread is for the overlay, ill happily hear and read to everything you have to say in the Pms

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Thanks girl! I really appreciate it :))

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I kinda have already explain it all. if you still feel like breaking the rules. then that is your case.

btw I found the person who made the picture made art for the I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator"

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Lmaoo im confused w the second part :sob:

its the name of a game

They aren’t really clear with their license…

I read there policies and theyre not very opened or say much of anything ab copyrights
So imma just tag them n their website