Can someone make this?


I need for my story if it is going to update some publicity, so I would like myself (zoekezoef) saying that there are new updates available on the story “Dr Love…”

These are the pictures of the story the big one showing and the little one_posterThumb_IqelHw1zay


But they don’t really have to be in it. What i want to be is that me (zoekezoef) says there are new chapters released. this is zoekezoef

Body; taupe
Brow: Thin soft arch
Hair: messy back bun
Eyes: upturned feline (purple)
Face:soft heart
Nose: soft natural
Lips: full round (raspberry)

cap sleeve shirt plum
triangle earrings
pearl bracelet
Black purse
Black leather leggings
calf boots black

So you see I have a thing to purple and black, and also what goes with it is pink.
It just has to say, new episodes updated or something like that and then the name of the story “Dr. Love…”
Can someone do this? I would like of course that she does not stay in that position but a little excited.

Thanks, credit will be given.



I didn’t really get what you want, could you try to explain it more clearly?


sorry i am dutch i did my best to explain it in english!


Don’t worry, English is not my first language either.
So, you want a cover for the story with that character saying that new episodes are out? (Sorry if I didn’t understood-)


It is not a cover it is a picture the covers are ready.


It is publicity for new episodes relaased.


To put at the end of the chapter, you mean?


Can I also help out


I guess yes? I’ve never worked with someone else.


no for instagram or facebook or werever to make publicity.


yes please because I think no-one understands what I am trying to say.


one of us can do large the other do small which one do you pick Isaac


I also need with the person zoekezoef some pictures that are saying

New backgrounds added have fun
New overlays added have fun
New script -templates added have fun
New overlays added have fun

so it is basically the same picture that returns every time.

But I need myself on it zoekezoef like the description in a beautiful position and my favorite colors are black, purple, pink.

u can put your watermark on it so everybody will see that it is you that made it. But I am a little critical, so do your best lol then you will be chosen the pictures will show up at Instagram and facebook and here.

thank you



And they will be used often.


If you want I’ll leave this to you, I’d have to wait until tomorrow (Here is half past 1 AM, idk you.)


Here it is the same time so i am going to sleep soon too.


There does not have any small or large they can all be the same it is not a cover!


Good night!


Yeah, I got that.


Good night xxx sleep well xxx :grin: