Can someone maybe help me with adjusting an overlay?

Hi I’m wondering if anyone would help me adjust an overlay?
I want the overlay to be dark for night. I do not own this overlay.
Let me know!

Does the person allow editing of their overlay?

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That I’m not sure.
Let me look.

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It doesn’t say anything about not being able to edit it, but I am not allowed to share it anywhere other than in my story.

So I guess my new question is how can I make the bg/ol into a night version?

who’s the owner of this ov?

Amanda Michele


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Well she has bg/ol though I’m guessing you know that

Yeah but tbh the drive doesn’t say anything about it, so I don’t know. That’s why I tagged.

Well yeah I went over her rules and I don’t see anything about editing her work, so I think it’s best to personally ask her just to be sure, you can message her on insta

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And what’s the name of the overlay in the drive

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This is where I’m confused

Because it says not to post it on forums so…?

Oh yeah it says you also cannot send the backgrounds/overlays to anyone anywhere :sweat_smile:

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Black birdseye bed base duvet and gray birdseye bed base

You can use that dim effect thingy?

You can just use the overlay EFFECT DIM 60
to make it look darker (night)

How do I do that?

it’s in the overlay section

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What Marysol said hehe


I never knew that :joy: