Can Someone Open the Door in this Background?

I don’t know how to edit this background to wear this door can be open. Can someone do it for me? Here’s the background:

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Where would you want the door to open to?

This background:

I think it’s easier if the doors looked like this closed since it’s hard to make the door slanted if it’s open.

This is how it looks like open

One thing though: The sky colour of outside the door and the buildings at the window don’t match?

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Maybe the opened door would look better:

Also it might not make sense that the pathway is at the same level at where you can see the building.
Just my opinion, but it might look better with a room there since the apartment it’s so high up, the pavement outside shouldn’t be a pavement? 9And I’m assumung it’s an apartment because in the window you can see the buildings at the top.


If I change the background to the background that you made for me, it will kind of mess up the background that I have in my story.

Oh, I’m sorry.

hmm maybe you can ask QueenMilii then, because I don’t know how to make the original door slanted when it opens.


HEYAAAAAAA. You can ask me on my request thread… so you can be the first, unless you aren’t desperate for your background… hehehhehehe.

This looks good, dude. like superrr cool.

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Your request thread?

Right Here!

Who made this background?

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This background belongs to @shellyg
You should ask permission before editing her backgrounds. Please don’t forget to credit her if you use it.

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Okay. Thank you for telling me who made the background. I couldn’t remember who I got it from.

Whenever you download a file it’s always a good idea to rename it or upload to the portal like this:
INT. Room - Shelly
Or something to that effect. I do it so I don’t forget who’s background it is and I can give credit when the scene pops up :sparkling_heart:
Just a little tip :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s an excuse and I’m tired of hearing that statement. I also don’t allow people to edit my backgrounds anymore. Would’ve been nice if you at least asked for permission, though I see people have already edited it.

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