Can someone please be my co author, and vice versa?

Hello, I am looking to work with someone on my story, and also help someone out with theirs- I am going to stress that I want to try and help you with your story as well, and if you can also help me, that would be lovely.
I’ve been a reader for about 4-5 years, but I never wrote a story. I am doing so now, and am a novice at coding, but I have great ideas for stories, and the only caveat is that I don’t have much time on my hands to put them into action. I would love if someone can co-write with me, and please I need someone trustful to sincerely work with me. Because of many risks, I will send you some details of my story on a shared google doc with some of the scenes in it- we will co write there for the meanwhile, I will revise it, and then put it in the portal. If you also want to preview it, you can also put it in your portal. Hope you understand;)
More details to follow in my Mail- send me a PM?
If you are looking to write together, please let me know!
And also send me details of your story if you want me to help you write it;)


I can help!


Hi! I’m sorry it too long to get back to you but I took a break and I wanted to tell you I don’t need a co-author at the moment. Thank you for enthusiasm to help:)

I can also help

Thank you so much but I’m not looking for a writing partner at the moment.