Can someone please create a cover for my new story?

Hey! You can do this if you like making art for Episode. My story is called “Dramatic”. If you decide to make the cover and I like it I will be sure to give credit. Dramatic is about a rich snobby teenager but love changes that. With a lot of drama along the way.
I would like the two main characters on the cover.

Skin tone- Light
Eyes- Upturned bold- color- brown
face shape- soft heart
Mouth- classic- color- Cherry red
Hair-Beach wave-color- platinum blond
Eyebrows-Seductive Arch
Nose-Soft Natural

Skin tone- tan
eyes-Deepest piercing-color-brown
face shape- Defined triangle
mouth- uneven
Hair-short cropped-color-black
eyebrows-thin arch

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Check out The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop. We’ll get to you ASAP.:grin:

We could, just reply to this reply!

@Episode_Wishy has a great thread!