Can someone please create me a drawing for my instagram pfp?


Hi, i would like a drawing of my character for my profile picture on instagram. I’ll give you credit, please DM me on ig: @brvnda or comment under here if you’re able to…


I can draw pretty well!!! I mean I am an artist, sports player, and a writer. I have talent in all three of those. DO you want it drawn on paper or edited??


edited pls!


Alright, I can do my best, I will not make her have BLOWN out full glam make up but I can give her highlights and contour and maybe a teensy bit of make up and some cool eyebrows!!


awesome! do you have an ig or should I pm you how my character looks?


PM me please!! Also please remember, I have school and other important things in my life!! So , you might not get it too soon. Anyways, please PM me on here, thanks!!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: