Can someone please create some art scenes for me?

These are the characters I want to include. I also have poses just reply me!

I am looking for this as a request for a new story I am wanting to release soon. I was looking for something drawn

you have to state if you’ll be paying the artist or if this is a request :>
you can also search art shops on creator’s corner → art resources so it’s faster for you to find someone who can make art scenes for you

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oh thank you. I’m all new to this and I am unsure of what to really do lol

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you’re welcome! Hope you are able to find someone :>

I’m having a bit of troubles finding someone. Do you have any suggestions?

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I unfortunately dont know anyone really ;-; so i couldn’t recommend any specific people

Hi there!! I would love to work with you :blush:
This is my thread, you can ask me anything! Prices are negotiable and I can make you a budget without commitment!! :blush::heart:

Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for art scenes. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

It will be really hard to find someone who is available to do drawn art for free, I know a great artist who has really cheap prices and the art is great! @RowenJ if you’d like check them out, and here is a free artist who does beautiful edited work