Can someone please do 2 art scenes for my new story

There has been a few people that have said they would do an art scene or two for me. They haven’t came through as if yet (this was last year around Thanksgiving when I first asked about this) so I’m asking once again I need 2 art scenes for the second and 3rd chapters of my new story. If you are willing to help a sister out I’ll love you forever and ever. My story is in ink

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If you still need help

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In chapter 3 there’s a Jerry Springer type talk show called “The Jacob Spartan Show” it’s set in 2000 could y’all make me a splash that has the talk show s title and the host himself on it

Sorry, I don’t do splashes. I just dropped the link who does.

Ty svm :star_struck::heart_eyes:

Hi I do Splashes if you still want the please visit my shop x