Can someone please do a cover


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Hi! I’m Sophbee and would love to make covers for you if you still need it. However, I have a long waiting line of requests and I’m on my holiday so it would take a while for me to do your request. Maybe a week? Or less if it’s not too hard to make. Here are some of my artworks :-

Cover Examples by Sophbee


I understand if you decided to ask other artists to make covers for your story, it’s no big deal. I’m jist doing it for fun. If you’re interested, please let me know the details through PM or here. Thanks!

In case you would like to see more examples of my works, here is the link to my thread :slight_smile: ==> Sophbee's Art Thread ✨ (CLOSED TO CATCH UP)

-Sophbee :heartpulse:

@Sophbee what do you use to make edits? you reaaaaaallly have good edits! i asked you because i want to improve my artwork :heart_eyes::star_struck:

Hi! If you would like I could make you a cover. I’m nowhere near to as good as @Sophbee but I have some experience. I’ll attach an example of a cover I made for a non-existent story. Let me know what you think!


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can you send the deatils please

theres examples there

Ahh, that’s so sweet of you :two_hearts: I also realized that you mentioned about me on your thread :heart_eyes: I use Ibis Paint X for editing. Keep on practicing and you’ll get better one day! :grin:

Your artworks are incredible too! Those are really great :grin: You know, I could do a cover and you will do a cover (small/large). Depends on @bree.angel_devil :blush:

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Episode Diamonds can help

our examples are here

thanks for the support!

thats crazy good omfggg

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Thankieee :heart_eyes: I really adore your artworks though! :sparkling_heart:

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yours are way better but thank you :joy::purple_heart: