Can someone please do a free cover for me

Hi, I have been trying to find someone that will do a free large and small cover for my new book coming out I have tried looking but most of them are closed or they can’t because it is too full if you can’t can you please recommend me some people who can?

Here are the details if you can

Large or small cover: i would like large and small
Number of characters: 2 Boy and Girl
Character details:

Girl character
-BODY: Athletic, Neutral 03
-BROW: Arched natural scar, Black dark
-HAIR: Long down wavy princess braid, Brown black
-EYES: Deepest downturned wide, Blue deep
-FACE: Diamond
-NOSE: Grecian soft
-LIPS: Full round pouty, Fair gold matte

Girl character outfit

Male character

BODY: Male athletic, Neutral 03
BROW: Arched medium, Black dark
HAIR: Messy undercut, Brown black
EYES: Monolid wide, Icey blue
FACE: Chiseled Angular
NOSE: Button Round
LIPS: Medium Straight Natural, Beige light gold matte

Male character outfit

This is a Mafia story you can pick any animation or prop that you think will go with the characters the story name is Forever and ever
Take all the time you need there is no rush
DM me if you can or make a comment

hey i can!! if you’d like to see some examples i can pm you!

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Hey, That would be awesome!

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