Can someone please do covers

I need a small and big cover.Can someone please do it for me.My covers just suck.:joy:

If it’s not to complicated I can :blush::blush:
Here is an example:

Omg this just looks amazing​:heart_eyes:Thank you really so so much.I would like to have a boy and a girl on the cover.(if its not to much for you) the story is called the shy girl: on the cover should be a girl that looks shy(you know what i mean?:joy:and she should have dark hair.The boy looks like a badboy but not to much

And again these covers look really good you have really Talent!

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Have a look here

Thank you!

Yh i could do something like that but give me at least 3 days :blush:

Yes of course!Really thank you sooo much.Do u have insta so that i can follow u there?

Yh :blush: It’s @cookiecappuccino.episode :blush:

Thanks :heart:

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