Can someone please do me some covers?


Hi all!

I am in desperate need of some new covers for my story, as much as I love my old ones, I need some that are more dark and dramatic so that they fall in line with my story!

If anybody could help, I would be extremely grateful and I always credit and promote the artist!

Please post on here or DM me for details :heart:


I can do it


I recently made a cover for The Genie, I’m fairly new to digital art but if you like it I could try.

Let me know what you’d like if you’re interested.


Here are some examples of my work.


Let me know if you want me!


BTW on the Technical Difficulties covers it says by an artist that was my old episode interactive account name so everything is original.


Thanks girls!

I’m basically looking for my MC standing in the rain crying with a bottle of alcohol. She has severe anxiety and so the cover needs to be dramatic and needs to show her at her lowest point. I want it to stand out and be original.



No problem! Is this large or small cover?


I need both covers but the large will be different, the description is for my small cover x


Would you like me to do it or just @cakepie99999 bc I don’t want either artworks to go to waste.


Perhaps @SocialButterfly can do one and I’ll do the other?


If you’d like me too make one please dm me the details.


Does that mean I’m doing the small cover?


I’m happy for that.

I’d like the small cover to be digital though if that’s ok?


Yes, that’s what I do.


That’s fine I can only do photo shop so i’d be happy to do the large cover


It is late at night for me at the moment though so as long as you’re okay with me getting it to you probably sometime tomorrow, if not the day after.


Please pm me the character details or say it on this chat your choice.


Yes please, need the characters details and clothing @brionyelizabeth . :grinning:


I’ll get started as soon as I have the characters details :grinning: