Can someone please draw me a cover?

Hi I’m starting a story and I was wondering if anyone can draw me a cover? If possible thank you so much!
-thanks :blush:

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Sure! Let me just make a form for you to fill out. :slight_smile:

Ehh idk maybe I can help? :blush:


  • Is it a Story cover, art scene, profile picture, or splash? :
  • How Many Characters On The Edit:

*Information For Characters (ie. Skin Tone, Hair, Face Shape, etc. If there is more then one character put their details on two different lines ie. Female 1: Male 2: etc):

  • Any Props:
  • Background (Please Send A Picture Of The Background You Want If You Have A Specific Background In Mind):
  • Episode Name If You Want It On Your Cover:
  • Genre:

*Story Name:

  • Small Or Large:
  • Screenshot Of Clothing or Names Of The Clothing:
  • Additional Notes:
  • Pose/Animation:

My examples

Click mehh!

go to my profile to see examples or message me

Do you do limelight?

Ah, now I don’t do LL since it’s not my forte. I can only do Ink hun, sorry!
If you still want it in ink though then I am more than happy to do it for you.

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Thanks anyways :blush: