Can someone please draw me a intro for my story?

Hey guys! first i hope you have a beautiful day!
so i really need a intro for my story so like my characters and the title of my story above as an overlay togehter :sweat_smile:
i really hope someone can do it :innocent:

here are the details


character details:
Body: light
Brown: Medium Sharp
hair:Short Cropped Hair (purple)
eyes:Stoic Almond (toffee)
face:Defined Triangle
lips: classic (blush)
nose: button

Body: toffe
Brown: Mature Round
hair: Straight (Auburn)
eyes:Upturned Feline (purple)
lips: Full Round (taupe)
nose: Upturned


the girl should look annoying and disgusting :joy: like she don’t want him near her and she hates him :joy::crazy_face: and his face expression should look like end of laugh_crack_up…but with ‘devil smirk’ if possible :sweat_smile::hugs: and he has his hand on her shoulder :blush:


Tittle of the story : Breaking my psychos walls :crazy_face:

Art style maybe kind of this please?

Beautiful art By @emalee.writes :blush:

I hope this isn’t too complicated :blush: thank you so so much !!! And take your time :relieved::heart: