Can someone please educate me?

Hi everybody! I watched severly videos about cultural appropration, but I didn’t really understand them. So, can someone (possibly black or any other race) do a list of what I shouldn’t do as a white person? (it can be about clothes, accents, languages, food and ext.) Please, it will be very helpful for me! :revolving_hearts:


I’m white, but this article really helped me. I tend to invite people into my slavic traditions, but if someone who bullied me for my traditions as a child then chose to participate, i’d be pissed. So, I guess just follow that rule? idk. Just read the article lol it helps a lot


okay, thank you! :DD

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I am white but a few simple once I learn while writhing is.

put afro on white or asian
avoid using asian shaped eyes on non asian people
using dark skin color for tan, anything darker then rose 3 is to dark for them to be white

avoid using regligios item on non regligios people, that include the star of david. mala praying beads and such. there is also a lot of cultural clothes best avoided like the. Blazer Nehru Ascot, which honestly the episode featured stories use it for prince outfits, so I am anoyed been told not to use it for my prince, but as a decent person with respect for others I dont use it

though I will argue I am allowed to use a scarf as I want, not a hijab but the once called a scarf.

and this here are not really a you shouldnt, but maybe still dont do it, but nothing wrong if you do it anyway because people like this do exist

blue eyes, small lips and nose on a black person
big mouth, big nose on a white person


Well some white people do have monolids, like the Finnish or Norwegian or Swedish for example. It isn’t super common though.


Yeah anyone can wear a head covering.


And although rare, Black people can have blue eyes, blond hair etc because of a gene called the Eve gene


Hey I pm’ed you.

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When adding a BIPOC character please be sure to not just make them the best friend. You can make the mc and BIPOC character best friends just don’t make their only personality that they’re the best friend of the mc. Especially with black characters it’s a common trope in media to have that one token black character/friend or the “Sassy best friend” / “magical negro” (please look these up if you do not know what they are) I’ll put some links explaining what these are if you are unable to look up these and do your own research just beware that these are all summaries of these tropes

( again I am not saying you can’t have the mc be best friends with BIPOC character)

Also box braid, corn rows, and locs on someone who is not black is cultural appropriation. I also recommend doing research an aave things like Period(t) boo, and I oop, Chile, etc. all stem from aave.

If a BIPOC tells you something is racist or a microaggression it is. Please listen to all BIPOC when the speak about their culture.
(the last two sentences are just generally statements)

(BIPOC = black, indigenous, Person/People of color)
(AAVE = African American Vernacular English it’s a dialect)




White Savior VS. Magical Negro:

The White Savior Trope, Explained:

Diversity vs. Tokenism:

The Black Best Friend Trope Explained

** Emotional Intelligence, racial stereotypes, & the politics of emotional expression | Khadija Mbowe**

** After Decades of Brownface, South Asians Fight for Better Representation | National Geographic**(this one and the next one talk mostly about India but does also apply to other south Asians)

South Asian Stereotypes in Film and Television

**How movies and TV shows dehumanize and hypersexualize Asian Americans | GMA

TW: Racist depiction and minstrel shows
** Mammy, Jezebel and Sapphire: Stereotyping Black women in media | The Listening Post (Feature)**

I hope this helped!


Bonjour, je commence, alors c’est possible que je doiw à côté de la plaque. Mais quelqu’un pourrait m’expliquer comment on cré une histoire car c’est en anglais et que moi… Je parle que le français ou très peu pour l’anglais. Alors est-ce que quelqu’un pourrait avoir pitié de mon idiotie et m’aider s’il vous plaît !!!

Vous pouvez utiliser Google Translate, cela ne transfère pas toujours exactement, mais cela fera l’affaire. C’est en fait ce que j’utilise pour envoyer ce message. De plus, ce fil était pour autre chose à l’avenir, vous pourriez créer un nouveau sujet.

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