Can someone please explain how to work with this overlay?


I want a charecter sit in the back row, so I need to work with overlays.

That’s why I write

INT MOVIESEATS- NIGHT with INT MOVIESEATS -NIGHT as an overlay, but it shows me an error as it’s not an overlay. BUT when I had a scene at the cafe I wrote INT BAKERY -DAY with INT BAKERY- DAY (as an overlay) and the program was ok with that! But INT bakery day isn’t an overlay as well, so what’s the difference?


You can’t add a background as an overlay, that’s why it’s not working. You can try to upload this one as an overlay. Also I don’t know why it worked with the bakery… Did you upload it to your account? Or did you use the counter bakery instead?


I’m trying to use INT. BAKERY - DAY but it’s not coming up with the bakery overlay already there but it did before. Can anyone help?


You need to use the background with OL in the title, that one has the overlay already.


I found how to make this scene in the cafe here :

So I just copied the commands and somehow it worked

Could you write the commands maybe? I get so confused when I work with these overlays, like one time it works another doesn’t (


Okay that worked because the INT. BAKERY - DAY background has an integrated overlay. However that’s not the case cor the INT. MOVIESEATS - NIGHT background. You have to find seats overlay, upload them to your account, and then use them in your script.


Now that makes sense, thank you)


I just realized OL stands for overlay! :hushed: Didn’t even figure it out until I read your post


I didn’t do that but it’s working now. I just needed to restart the app. :sweat_smile: