Can someone please explain why I’m experiencing this issue?

Hey guys!
So I am working on my story and I have compressed the PNGs and everything yet this continues to happen.
Basically, I uploaded an overlay (many different ones actually) and they are all turning out to be gigantic.
So basically, I have to zoom out till my zoom is at 0 to see them at full size and then since they are so big, they don’t shrink or move hardly at all.

I uploaded them like any other overlay I have uploaded and this is just now happening. My coding is completely normal, I’m fact I haven’t done anything except add them to the script (as in background with ——(overlay))

Can someone please explain what is going on here?

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have you reset your zooming in the scene? double check.

sometimes it will appear huge because of the length and width of the png image itself. you just scale it down in the previewer

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Haha yea, I normally can do that but like this is huge so it doesn’t scale down

so it seems one more person is experiencing this atm. i just saw a post about it. i think it’s a glitch.

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It’s extremely annoying because I can’t really do anything at the moment since I need me overlays…

Does episode even know this glitch exists?

not sure

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Well now I need to find someone foot at making text overlays because those are the ones having the most trouble. :confounded:

Really hoping Episode fixes this soon, as it is making it really difficult to actually code

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Someone else had the same issue and it was because she was using the black background in the art catalog. Would you happen to be using that background too?

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If you’re using the INT. BLACK - NIGHT background, that’s probably why. It scales overlays really weirdly for some reason. I had this issue & then I uploaded my own black background and it’s sorted it. Hope this helps!

Yep it sure is!

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Hmm… that’s really weird. But what I would do is just go to or photoshop, gimp, etc. and just upload the image, size it down, and upload it as an overlay again.

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Then just upload your own black background and the problem will be most likely solved.:wink:

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Yep I did thank you

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