Can someone please find me a bar island

Hi, I was wondering if someone could find me a bar island without chairs and/or barstools

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These are all from Pixabay. I don’t know if any of those are close to what you want? The third one would need some editing though where you could have it opened up with drinks and whatnot in it.

Here’s some more from Unsplash:

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Hey, if you’re still looking, @amepisode (I hope that’s her @) has some beach bar backgrounds and overlays :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but I hope it helps :grin:

  1. click on “Free Background Drive”
  2. read and follow all of the rules that pop up
  3. click the green link at the end of the rules
  4. click on the “Backgrounds” folder
  5. click on the “Bars and Clubs” folder
  6. click on the “Beach Bar” folder

(if you still have trouble getting there, click this link, but be sure to still READ THE RULES please )

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