Can someone please give a me harsh and honest review?

i’ve been writing this story for a little under 2 years and i have edited and improved it many times, but it’s still not the best it can be. sugar coated, kind reviews won’t help me anymore, i need critical opinions to help me improve.

if you’re up for it, let me know and i’ll DM you my story, tysm

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Hey again you know I’m already doing a review for you. I’m half way into your second episode. Anyway, if you want me to be critical no problem. I have been with some other reviews I’ve done earlier, the response have been mixed, some very good, others very defensive. And hate it when people get mad at me lo (especially when they requested a review from me).

I can be extra observant and detailed in you review <33

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i would really appreciate that, thank you, and i won’t get mad at you i promise

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