Can Someone Please help! I need a Episode Cover

Please help me on this cover every artist Iv’e worked with bailed… I need help ASAP


I can help

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Can I please see some of your work please

You can find it on my Instagram @episode.lillz

Aw it’s so nice, okay I need you!! lol

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Let’s chat on Insta shall we

Sorry I don’t give strangers my insta can we chat here?

Yeah it’s totally fine

aw thank you… my mum would totally kill want a description on what i want my cover to look like?

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Please make two twins side by side one has a rich background the other with a less fortunate background make them with brown hair and make sure they have there own sides please! please say you understand i don’t want you to make the wrong thing… put extra time on your self… repeat it back… what i want

Do you have the deets of the twins

well just make them lightly toned…and with brown hair please

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I’ll need all their details like nose lip hairstyle
This for example


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body; Female generic

If you don’t have character cards I’d make one for you

Do you mind me asking… what are they for?