Can someone please help me find a 1950's bedroom?


Not sure if this is the correct thread I should be in, but my story takes place in the 1950’s and I need a bedroom background that’s apart of that era. Anyone know where I can find it? Thanks


tw.episode has an awesome vintage bedroom in her drive that may be what you are looking for.


Tried it, but it doesn’t fit, sadly.


If it doesn’t fit, use a picture resizing website like resizepic.


already tried that too :frowning:



Found some cool ones on Pinterest and Flickr:

Not sure if it’s exactly what you’re looking for, but I thought these were some pretty nice ones.


I like the last one, can you resize them? they’re not gonna let me resize it via pic resize & those are so pretty :sob:


@brvnda Sure, I’ll give it a try. Do you want a specific resolution or Episode’s recommended resolution of 640x1136?


yes please! I want the last one, please


sorry I need episodes 640x1136 resolution, I just realized you were asking :joy:


@brvnda No problem lol

I made several edits. :smiley: How’s is this?

1.) Ver. 1 (Resized the original image to 640x1136)

2.) Ver. 2 (I kept the original but split the background into two, made a new image with the 640x1136 resolution and re-cropped the image (I did this if the edited image above was too stretched. Should still work as an uploaded background but I’m not entirely sure.)

3.) Ver. 3 (Did the same as above except resized it to 640x1136, but split the two backgrounds)


thank you sooo much!! @Jeremy or @ryan pls close’



Closed as per thread ops request. Thanks all! :peace_symbol: