Can someone please help me find the original creator of this background so I can properly credit them, find a night version, and get a better quality image?

I don’t think I can make it better quality, but I can make a night version of it!

If you could, that would be amazing! Thank you <3

Creator: Katrine
Instagram: @katrine.stories
Broke AF
Rising Star
Becoming You

Note from Katrine - Please give me credit. You can do this in one or more ways:

  • Tag me in your highlights on Instagram
  • Tag me in a post on your Instagram
  • Give me credit at the end of a chapter, where you use my backgrounds or overlays.
  • Use the readers message feature when my background or overlay is used in any scene.
  • You can’t re-color, re-edit, delete, add or cut anything from them. If it’s a minimal change, send me a DM asking me in my instagram.
  • You can’t claim any of my backgrounds/overlays as your own.
  • You can’t repost any of them to your page or upload them to another platform.
  • A huge thank you to all those who follow and respect these rules! Happy downloading!

You are a lifesaver! Thank you <3