Can someone please help me? I can't figure out the problem!

how is your label called. Check it because it says it doesnt exist

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`i’m new to this so i don’t know what you mean

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If you have goto you need to have label. Where does that goto go to

label is to mark a place

goto to go to that place


label example
Red or blue?

choice “Red” {

Choose again!

goto example


Explanation: The correct answer is blue so if you chose red we have the “goto” to return to the “label” so you choose again

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is there something I should fix I still don’t know how to word my script

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I think you forgot to add the label

after the KIARAH enters from left to screen center IN THE LINE BELOW write

label changing_appearance

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KIARAH enters from left to screen center
label changing_ appearance

Try that! If it doesnt work tell me

In case the character doesnt appear when you do that write the label changing_appearance on the line on top of the KIARAH enters from left to screen center

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nono , not there , before the narrator

oh wait so should I get rid of that completely like the whole label thing

what do you mean?

ohhh yes leave the goto and just add the label before the narrator

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only adding it before the narrator

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like you had to just add something not change it, do you get it?


did it work?

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It worked but for some reason when I click customize character it goes back to the narrator part