Can someone please help me? I don’t get this

I’m creating a story on my phone and was doing fine but now every time I try to edit it my characters disappear when I click to edit them. I even tried creating a new section but every time I leave I won’t be able to edit my characters. Is there a way for me to edit them without this problem?

you can create/edit your characters in the writers portal :slight_smile:

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you’re a lifesaver.

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Do I have to use a computer? Where is that?

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just make sure you won’t change anything in the script, because you won’t be able to carry on writing on mobile.

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i have another question… i am still new with the walking thing. i got the speech bubbles right so thank you for that.

you can use a computer or phone.

what’s the problem? :slight_smile:

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Thank you but my characters keep disappearing for some reason. I’m not sure why I can’t edit them. Do I have to use a computer?

check here :slight_smile:

the spot thing

like i know how to make the walk and everything… but the walking is what i having trouble with. like i want to see them walking together

Have you checked this guide?

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and how the love interest moves closer to the MC, i don’t know to use that

no, i haven’t

Check it out :slight_smile: it’s really helpful!