Can someone please help me? I need someone to make me a decent cover

Please someone help. I really need someone (A really good drawer) to make my cover because I’ve been trying to do it myself but it always ends up looking like a mess. If you will be willing to make me a Small Cover and Large cover I could promote you or anything you would like me to do. Please if you could help me then answer this a.s.a.p. Thanks.

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Hi line123462,
Thank you so much for doing this. Could you send me some examples of your art work before I send you the information you will be needing to start.

i have exampels in my forum you can see if you click on it

Hi everyone I would like to show you a example of how I want it to look. I hope maybe one of you guys can make this.


We can help here x

She’s the closest I’ve seen to that style!!

I might be able to help! :slight_smile:


Hi Crystianna,

The examples that you showed me weren’t as clean as the examples I showed but it’s closer than any other offers i got. If you would like to help me then please message me for the info you will be needing.

hi! Can you make a cover for me if I send you the background I want?


I can help just send me all the details and what you want :slightly_smiling_face: