Can someone please help me? What's wrong with my script?


I don’t see what I did wrong. MRS SMITH is already created and it was working fine until I put @AIJAH is listen_phone_sigh. Can someone please help,


You can’t have two-part names in narrator speech. Put your character offscreen and the move your speech bubble :slight_smile:


I’ll see if I can. Try connecting Mrs a Smith like this: MRSSMITH. If that doesn’t work…I dunno. You might have to try to connect the name then. :neutral_face:


thank you! @Ryan or @Jeremy pls close


You should create a thread where you can keep asking questions and where people can come in and help you out so you don’t keep creating a bunch of new threads and having to close them.


Wow, thank you. I will do this, but what should I name the thread?


make a character called MsSmith and then change the name to Ms. Smith then change the old Ms Smith’s dialogue with the new Ms Smith


You can name it whatever you want, maybe something along the lines of “Please help me with my script”. You can just change the title of this thread and make this one your own personal help thread


Great idea @Dara.Amarie! Closing :v:t2: