Can someone please help me with a problem with my script?

So I wrote my first story called Love & Grief and it was in Ink so I’m writing Love & Grief all over again but in Limelight and I keep on getting error messages for the same actions that my character in the story does and I’m tired of fixing the same mistake over and over again like for example:
In my script I must have wrote
NARRATOR (talk_happy_agree)

a million times so is there a way on a Mac computer to highlight the NARRATOR (talk_happy_agree) words and all of the other words with the exact same words and change it all at once on a Mac computer?

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It’s talk_smile_happy_loop in LL :blush: you just have to change all them

talk_agree_happy is in LL as well.

You can’t have an animation after the narrator so replace the narrator with your actual character’s name.

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How? Is there a way to change all of the animations at once?

If you mean changing the animation to the same one without going one by one, first highlight the animation then press Ctrl + F on your keyboard (Cmd + F for Macs)a small grey box will pop up, click on ALL first! then finally enter the animation and you’re done! <3


What does Cmd mean? :thinking:

I think she means Cmd is supposed to be Ctrl

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For apple, the code is Cmd + F like @/clanswrites, but for windows yes it’s Ctrl + F

The OP says they are using a mac pc.


I forgot about that one lol thank you :slight_smile:

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