Can someone please help me with fading overlays?

I need help on fading in & out, in & out in a loop on a overlay, how would I write that in a scene? (Basically the opacity)

What you need to do is put:
@overlay X opacity 0.5 in # THEN overlay X opacity 1 in # loop # times (or loop INFINITE times)


Yay, thank you!

No problem!

Can you please help me with one huge problem that I have been trying to see what to do but can’t seem to know what it is… the zooming & speechbubbles on the first chapter is a bit off (but only the first half) & once I get into chapter two the zooms are too close that I can’t see my character how can i fix this?

Hmmm have you tried using @zoom reset?
And to reset speech bubbles you use @speechbubble reset

I currently have it like this: like 368 on down.
Though on that specific scene I have it zoomed in, & I wanted it to end like that. Right now it zooms out but it messes with the overlay the way it is :confused: since it’s upclose

Hmmm the zooming should not affect the overlay. Are you saying that the zooming is not on the overlay?

Yes, that’s what I meant! Not necessarily affecting the oveylay but if I were to put zoom reset it wouldn’t focus on the overlay

What you have to do is manually zoom onto where you want it too

Alright did it! Do you happen to know about overlays, i’m wanting to add in several overlays but I can’t add in this second overlay

Can you send me a picture of the actual episode?