Can someone please help me with hugging (LIMELIGHT)


I want Mrs Smith (blonde girl) to face Aijah and hug her. How do I do that?


Because MRS SMITH is doing a rear animation, her directions are flipped so you want her facing left while she’s hugging her instead.


it doesn’t look right


That’s because MRS SMITH is doing the hug_neutral animation. You want the hug_neutral_rear animation. And you want her facing left when doing a rear animation


Ah , thank you :slight_smile:


and how would I exit out of the hug,


Whenever you want them to finish just tell them to do the idle animation. Or talk or whatever you want them to do after. That’ll end the hug


thank you


Moved to Directing Help & Tips as that’s where scripting questions belong! And thanks for responding @stephp99 :slight_smile: Closing :v:t2: