Can someone please help me with my script I been trying to fix it for two 1/2 days

My issue is that on line 16 the character is in the exactly spot where I want Char1 to be, but few sec he disappear. I add in zone 3 to see it make a different, but still have the same issue. Can someone help me please. Thank you

uhmmm… @lanafrazer_episode ?

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Hm…okay, copy that oerlay code that is on line 10, then once u finish copying that, remove it from the script, then preview it.

hm…see how it works. :thinking:

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Bring the code you have on line 10 up close to the zoom. :thinking:

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I just try that. It didn’t work.

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Nope it didn’t work, but thanks.

If it’s not about the fact that you put Patrick faces left first Then I’m not sure either, it might be something about the fact that you used the create command that made it glitch or something about the overlay commands you used But I’m not sure, I can’t see anything that would make him vanish But I might have missed something, or it is a glitch, try previewing on your phone too if you haven’t

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this probably won’t work but do &cut to zone 3

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have u exited and entered the app

I don’t think that the commant exits and because of thaT IT’S GLITCHING?

oops caps lock :no_mouth:

Or Maybw try putting @cut to zone 3 in the line After the background line, it shouldn’t make a differnece But worth a try Ig

this is what I get when I try you’re animation

maybe try this: idle_lay_exhausted

She probs uses LL Maybe you’re on INK or Classic rn?

didn’t thought of that :sweat_smile:

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don’t work lol ughhhhh thanks tho

try that too lol.

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yea. I try.