Can someone PLEASE help me with my story?!

I tried to find someone to help me code my story, but a few of the people I’ve found can’t exactly help me. I’ve at least found someone to help me with planning my story, but I would just like to find a good coder to do part of my coding in the story. I’ll make sure to also credit in the story. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pretty decent at coding but I’m not an expert I can try to help u out… :grimacing:

Can you do things like directing, spotting.etc?

Yes I can, I can also do spot directing, entering and exiting, make zooms, changing outfits, outfit game choices, simple choices, the point system, music and sounds, I can make edits (working on it getting better) and art scenes (working on getting better)!

I’m a solid coder. Happy to help…

Then would you like to help me?

Sure dm me when ever you need me!

Thanks!! However, right now, I’m writing the first episode but I’m trying to figure out how to like, introduce it but I don’t know how. I know most people on Episode don’t like cliche stories, but I just wanna write a story with a half twist on it. It’s about a popular girl who like falls in love with a nerd boy. Could you give me an idea of how to introduce the MC?

What do you mean intro??

Oh, I’m sorry if you got the wrong idea. I just needed help with the beginning of my story, but someone’s already helped me with it.

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Ok then…

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could you help me too!

could you possible help me with my story its a teen romance? ill credit you if you want me too,i just need someone who can code for me.