Can someone please help me with this error?

Not sure what the error is (line 291 on down)

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What’s the error saying?

Well it says it’s a “warning” to “use @CHARACTER walks to x y z in S”

The error is on line 291 and 292. The code should look like this:

&DAVIEN walks to spot 0.992 42 in zone # at layer 2
(also change it for the line beneath it)

The zone and layer part is where you’re getting the error. :slight_smile:

Yeah I didn’t noticed…I was checking what’s the error with the overlay is…:joy::joy:

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Hmm, it didn’t work it’s still marking the error :confused: by the way i’m just now entering these characters (never entered before)

Could you show a screenshot of what you have now as well as the error it’s giving?

Yes here it is:

You have to put
&CHAR walks to spot 0.992 42 in zone 2
@CHAR moves to layer 2

I hope this works!

Wait!! Is your overlay GRENADE even approved??
As I can’t spot any errors in the overlay commands…

No, that’s why the error for the overlay is there, lol.

And, yeah try what Rahdia said. :slight_smile:

It still hasn’t… i’m actually waiting on many to be approved but I can still use it (just publish it) & that’s the error. Now as for the “warning” is where I have the problem

Damn it…
We should have known it…:joy::joy:

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It will show the red cross until your overlay get approved so no need to worry about it…

For the character write like this-

&CHARACTER walks to spot balh blah in 2 (or however seconds you prefer) in zone 2
@CHARACTER moves to layer 2
Do this with both of them…

Wait, since you said that you’ve never used these characters til now, where are they walking from? I don’t think you’ve had them enter from anywhere yet :joy:

Wait you didn’t have them enter from anywhere so are they supposed to get to the spot anyways…

It worked thank you! But why would I have to put the layering on a different line?

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Weirdly they entered!