Can someone please help me with this error?


I don’t understand what you mean


Like as it’s zooming out it gives that effect that someone is watching the character through the window. In other words as it’s zooming out; the WINDOW Overlay & CHARACTER are ALREADY watching the person throughout the window… if that makes sence… (here’s what I have but it’s not giving that effect)


To best get the surprise/creepy effect of when someone’s watching you need to make sure the original scene either has the window - for best result - out of sight completely or - if out of sigth isn’t possible - parly the window shown in the background but without the part with the “watcher”.

My advice is to try panning instead of zooming or to combine the two.
I can’t see your full background so I don’t know if you have a interior room background with a window overlay or just a window overlay on an exterior background. But the directing’s depending on what character’s viewpoint - if it’s the watcher or the watched - you want the reader to be in.



Do you by any chance know how i’d add an interior backround to the window scene but looking out to the exterior (outside) ? This is how it is so far, but how would I add a backround or overlay to the sides to make it look like someone is watching her from the inside?


You have to make the window as an overlay placing it into layer 2. Then place the character you want looking at her in layer 1.
Ex. INT. BACKGROUND with WINDOW to position at layer
&CHAR moves to layer 1
@CHAR spot blah blah
@CHAR2 spot blah blah
I hope this helps!


The easiest way would be to have a room overlay with window over a exterior background or a background that has both. But I think you could come around it and make it believable if you have a room interior with the watched first then pan slowly away from the character and switch background to the one with the watcher. That would make it seem if the window is to the right/left of the watched character. You can add to the effect by making the watched character in rear mode towards the way you chose to pan away, so it looks as if the watched character has his/her back towards the window.
But as I said, it depends if you want the reader to associate with the watched or the watching character. If you want it to be the watched character, you may need to add a scene with the character from the front in the room before the creepy being watched scene, so it’s put in the readers focus.



Forgive me it i’m not making sence… That’s what I was thinking of also, but I need the window overlay because I’d need the character to move outside, & this is what I have planned… so as i’m zooming out, the reader would see that someone is watching her through the window (if I can make it seem that the person is inside) but I am struggling on where to even start or what to do.


Yes, I actually have that noted but I’m not sure how to make it as it’s zooming out the reader can see that someone is watching her through the window (the window starts coming in & getting bigger)


First you have to zoom on your MC then start changing the focus of the camera.
Can you snap a pick of your scrip so I can see it? I can have a better understanding on trying to help you.


You need to make the different backgrounds look like they’re from different angles of the same room.
So for instance you can put it together like this.

  1. background 1/scene one - focus on the MC, reading a book, watching tv or something uneventful. Maybe even just walking through the room. Make the reader connect with that character.
  2. Background 2/scene two - turning the angle so the character so they have the back towards the window of the room. Ex. right. Then pan slowly in that direction. Tell the reader somethings happening at a different place of the scene
  3. Background 3/The window scene. Show the reader the someone’s watching the MC

After this you can have the character outside - the watcher - do something - accidental or intetional - to catch the MC’s attention.
Cut back to the scene of the MC and have it turning around towards the window.
Cut back to windown, and depending on if you want the MC to see the other character have it standing outside the window in the scene or not.
Back to MC, who exits the scene in a differentdirection than the one you want the window to be.
Have the window scene with the MC entering the scene behind the window overlay and have it either searching - if the other character disapered - or talking to the character - if still there.



Okay I actually nailed the scene @HappyDaisy @Rahdia but how would I layer now, like the character that’s supposed to be watching the character outside is outside also like behind the WINDOW overlays… (basically both are outside) how do I make one be inside?


You have to move the character to the same layer as your overlay


Happy to hear it.
Layers works from lower to higher ex to 10. With the highest number foremost. (neagtive numbers works also but like with temperature °C it then works the oposite with the highest digit being the lowest number/furthest away, ex -1 to -10)
To have a character behind an overlay you need it to be on a lower number than the overlay. And for in front on a higher.
Watching character layer 1, then window overlay on layer 2, and last the watched character/MC on layer 3.
If you then wish for the MC to move outside, you move it to the lower layer, in this case layer 1.