Can someone please help me with this? Transition issue! :(


I’m having issues with the following part of my script. It keeps transitioning in as if there is a glitch there. I have listed overlays in the right place however it will open and appear with everything for a second and then reappear again if that makes sense. Script listed below. Please help!

@Dara.Amarie (Tagging you since you’re so good at helping with this!) :slight_smile:

Natty James

EXT. JUVIE POOL HOUSE INTERIOR - DAY with TABLE PUNCH to 1.306 -126 -43 in zone 3 at layer 30 with TURNTABLES to 1.522 7 -2 in zone 1 at layer 30
music music_90shiphop2
volume music 65 2000
&GENEVIEVE spot 0.941 150 141 in zone 3 THEN GENEVIEVE faces left AND GENEVIEVE starts idle
&GENEVIEVE moves to layer 22
@pan to zone 3 in 0.0
&JULIA spot 0.890 108 247 in zone 2 THEN JULIA faces right AND JULIA starts dance_whip_loop
&JULIA moves to layer 20
&LEN spot 0.936 60 304 in zone 1 THEN LEN faces right AND LEN starts idle_sit
&LEN moves to layer 18
&MATTHEW spot 0.982 194 211 in zone 1 THEN MATTHEW faces left AND MATTHEW starts laugh_giggle
&MATTHEW moves to layer 21
&SKYLER spot 0.883 205 237 in zone 2 THEN SKYLER faces left AND SKYLER starts dance_club_loop
&SKYLER moves to layer 19
&AGATHA walks to spot 1.25 -150 109 in zone 1 THEN AGATHA faces left AND remove AGATHA
&AGATHA moves to layer 8
&KIM spot 0.95 450 275 in zone 3 THEN KIM faces left AND KIM starts primp_condescend
&KIM moves to layer 0
&PATRICK spot 1.135 107 -19 in zone 1 THEN PATRICK faces left AND PATRICK starts nod_loop
&PATRICK moves to layer 23
&RANDOM 1 spot 1.111 35 -42 in zone 1 THEN RANDOM 1 faces right AND RANDOM 1 starts talk_arms_crossed_loop
&RANDOM 1 moves to layer 23
&ROCK GIRL 2 spot 0.907 163 174 in zone 3 THEN ROCK GIRL 2 faces left AND ROCK GIRL 2 starts dance_phone_raise_loop
&ROCK GIRL 2 moves to layer 4
&RANDOM 3 spot 0.910 215 252 in zone 1 THEN RANDOM 3 faces right AND RANDOM 3 starts dance_club_loop
&RANDOM 3 moves to layer 1
&AMRITA spot 0.890 247 262 in zone 1 THEN AMRITA faces right AND AMRITA starts dance_whip_loop
&AMRITA moves to layer 2
&BGMAN3 spot 0.867 65 265 in zone 2 THEN BGMAN3 faces right AND BGMAN3 starts dance_groove_loop
&BGMAN3 moves to layer 3
&BGMAN4 spot 0.929 286 220 in zone 2 THEN BGMAN4 faces right AND BGMAN4 starts idle_happy_glass_raised
&BGMAN4 moves to layer 2
&BGWOMAN1 spot 0.870 15 252 in zone 2 THEN BGWOMAN1 faces right AND BGWOMAN1 starts dance_phone_raise_loop
&BGWOMAN1 moves to layer 1
&BGWOMAN2 spot 0.797 213 299 in zone 3 THEN BGWOMAN2 faces left AND BGWOMAN2 starts dance_whip_loop
&BGWOMAN2 moves to layer 1
&BGWOMAN5 spot 0.813 139 282 in zone 2 THEN BGWOMAN5 faces left AND BGWOMAN5 starts idle_smoking
&BGWOMAN5 moves to layer 1
&BGWOMAN6 spot 0.928 90 158 in zone 3 THEN BGWOMAN6 faces right AND BGWOMAN6 starts dance_hands_up_loop
&BGWOMAN6 moves to layer 4
&BGMAN2 spot 0.836 85 295 in zone 3 THEN BGMAN2 faces right AND BGMAN2 starts idle_smoking
&BGMAN2 moves to layer 0
&THUG 1 spot 0.794 231 307 in zone 3 THEN THUG 1 faces left AND THUG 1 starts dance_club_loop
&THUG 1 moves to layer 0
&BGWOMAN10 spot 0.843 50 265 in zone 3 THEN BGWOMAN10 faces right AND BGWOMAN10 starts talk_arms_crossed_loop
&BGWOMAN10 moves to layer 1
&BGMAN7 spot 0.851 149 254 in zone 2 THEN BGMAN7 faces left AND BGMAN7 starts dance_club_loop
&BGMAN7 moves to layer 1
&BGWOMAN11 spot 0.795 106 288 in zone 3 THEN BGWOMAN11 faces left AND BGWOMAN11 starts idle_smoking
&BGWOMAN11 moves to layer 1
@set hsl 144 5 -2 colorize with blendMode overlay to 56% in 0.0
@transition fade in black in 1
#beat ends
#beat starts
@speechbubble is 156 225 to 100%
&zoom on 772 282 to 238% in 4
3 months ago…Matthew’s Pool Party

I’m not 100% sure, but try to change this


@cut to zone 3

and put it right before the transition, not in the middle of everything else

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Thank you, @RainbowCat! I tried this but it’s still not working :disappointed_relieved::pensive: I don’t know what to do lol :thinking:

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what do u mean by transition error?

Every time the scene opens up it looks like there’s a glitch when it transitions from the previous scene into this one. It gives you the glitchy effect like something is out of place like when you don’t place your overlays in the right order or something. I hope that makes sense. :hugs:

can u send me a screenshot of the error

Here you go! :hugs: The quality is really crummy :pensive: Let me know if you can see it.

Maybe it’s also a problem with the THEN command, I’m not sure but maybe of you use AND instead

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its the @pan to zone 3 in 0.0

I tried changing the pan to zone 3 to cut to zone 3, but that didn’t work for me :disappointed:. Any ideas? Think I should remove it entirely?


I see many mistakes in your script, so I’m not really sure where to start.

  1. Spotting Genevieve must not include THEN
  2. pan doesn’t go before transition- it goes after
  3. Spotting Julia must not include THEN
  4. Setting hsl must start with &
  5. Almost everything you wrote above transition, should have been below transition

When setting a scene, make sure you follow this order:
INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY in zone X at layer Y
music music_name
volume music 70 2000
&set hsl 0 0 -40 in 0
&zoom on 160 275 in 0
&CHARACTER spot 1.280 200 0 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER starts idle AND CHARACTER moves to layer X
@cut to zone 2
@transition fade in black in 2

I hope I didn’t miss anything :heart: I hope Dara will reply, she’s the pro after all :wink:


dara’s a boy? i thought dara was a girl…

Nooo :joy: my keyboard writs by itself :heart: I’ll fix it :heart:

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oh im like

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Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for this!! I’m working to make the edits now so hopefully this will do the trick!

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