Can someone please help me


I don’t know how to add different animations between dialogues delivered by same character.
and while testing the story there is this new feature called MEMORY. i really dont know how it works. i clicked it and came as Error.
Please help me out.


What are you trying to do ? :revolving_hearts:


If you want to perform an animation without talking then use this code :blush::

@CHARACTER is animation


i am trying to add a different animation with different dialouge. for example for one line i want her to do sad clutch hands animation but for next line i want her to do normal talk gesture. I am not able to figure out how to do that.


Ohk. Let me try. Ill let you know if that works.


Oh ok so what you do is

CHARACTER (animation)
CHARACTER (animation)
How are you?


OHK. Thank You so Much :slight_smile:


How do i work that Memory option while testing the story?


This is whats its coming. Its shows error. what to do?


Its @CHARACTER is animation
Without () around animation


thank you. i got it :slight_smile:


That’s good :smile::wink:


So what you have to do is
@CHARCTER is animation

If you want the character to talk you have to write like this.
@CHARCTER (animation)
Hello how are you


if i want animation between spontaneous dialogue also from same character, should i write in front of the dialogue, or next line.
for example:
X (animation1)
hello how are you?
i heard the news.
so when the same person is speaking but has two different emotions to show. how different should be my coding?


Let me see if I understand what you are asking. So you have

X (animation1)
hello how are you?
Are you wanting an animation with no dialogue here?
X (animation2)
I heard the news.


I am sorry for making it sound confusing.! its all just very new and I am kinda freaking out.
No i was saying dialogue but different animation.


Don’t freak out! We have all been where you are and some of us are STILL THERE…like me! LOL

Like they said You just do it:

like you have it
X (animation1)
hello how are you?
X (animation2)
i heard the news.


Okay can you do a pic of your script for that area?

Looks as though you need to do talk_gesture as the animation for that dialogue or you need to do @CHARACTER is talk_gesture


excatly, i kinda got it.
i did as you and others told before. looks like i was doing some coding error.
thank you. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: