Can someone please help me!

How do I transfer my story from my phone to my laptop?

You mean you made a story on mobile and want the code set of it to appear on the computer?


It should just appear on your “My Stories” list on the side of your writing portal screen I think.

it doesn’t show up.

do you know what I should do to transfer it.

You have to sign into the portal online with the same email you used to sign into the app.

i already checked that it is the same account.

There’s a list on the left side that says “My Stories”. I know a bunch of the example stories take up most of the list, but you have to scroll down to find yours.

It doesn’t show I’d you have an error in your story.

well i dont think you can do that for phone creation

I found it!!! thank yall sooo much!

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Cheers to all those who responded! Closing thread :v:t2: