Can someone please help me? 😀


Hi! I downloaded the Episode app on my Android and I was trying to start a story. I was able to just I can’t had overlays. Is there any way I can get more backgrounds or anything like for the app on my pho e?


When you write on the mobile, things are a lot more limited. I think you’d have to write on a laptop or desktop to have access to that. if you don’t have one, you could try going online, but it might be a lot harder to navigate. I was using mobile, but I was online for about a month until I got my computer.


Thank you! I have a computer and I tried do the story on it, but I was confused on how to use it


I was sooo lost when I first started coding, but there are a bunch of things that can help you out when learning to code. In the long run, I think its worth it because you can do so many more things when writing. If your stuck coding, you could always make a topic like now, episode offers some guides under ‘guides’ on the writing page, and there are even guides on here! If you have any questions too I’d love to help you out! If you still wanna write on the phone, I don’t think you’ll be able to figure out the overlays on there.