Can someone please help? Transition issue

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? The 2nd transition keeps happening before the character is on screen.

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So you want the transition to be happening after the character is shown? I’m a bit confused. :thinking:

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You need to place the characters on screen and set the zoom/cut zone before the transition. I also highly recommend using the ampersand (&) more often. Also, make sure you add which way your character Gabrielle is facing, otherwise, it might show differently on the app.
Try this.

&cut to zone 2
&zoom reset
&overlay PINK SUITCASE shifts to 97 57 in zone 2
&overlay PINK SUITCASE scales to 0.910 0.910
#Make sure to specify what layer it’s at, too.
&GABRIELLE spot 0.840 120 215 in zone 2 at layer (whatever you want) AND GABRIELLE faces (whatever direction you want) AND GABRIELLE is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop
@transition iris in black 2
@pause for (however long you want her to be kneeling.

@GABRIELLE starts standup_neutral

Sorry if I sound rude. Just trying to help.


Of course not :blush: I’m quite new to this so thank you for the help! I’ll try this now.

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IT WORKED!! Thank you so much! :relaxed:

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