Can someone please help with an overlay?


My overlay isn’t working properly… please Help


So can you send the script you currently have?


Yes, here it is:

I want to be appear as of the hat is falling & rotating.


Why you write this (&overlay) write like this (@overlay)


When you put the “&” symbol in front instead of the “@” it means it will do that action uninterrupted.


Ah I see the problem you need to type this in the second line

&overlay ICECREAM HAT shifts to x y in s in zone #

I think that should fix it :grin:


it comes from like another side? :confused:


What do you mean?


Okay, I figured out the problem! it’s the rotation that’s messing it all up :confused: the rotation is too big how would I make something rotate in circular a bit as if it’s falling… I get super confused with rotating in the script honestly


You could just put the rotation like

@overlay OVERLAY rotates # in s


Am I supposed to put the anchor point?


&overlay TITLE rotates # anchor point # in T


I have it like this but it won’t work, i’m trying to make it look as of it’s falling & rotating at the same time.


&overlay ICECREAM HAT create
&overlay ICECREAM HAT shifts to 170 302 in zone 1 in 0
&overlay ICECREAM HAT scales to .097 .097 in 0
@overlay ICECREAM HAT opacity 1 in 0

&overlay ICECREAM HAT rotates 360 anchor point 0 0 in 1
@overlay ICECREAM HAT shifts to 146 89 in zone 1 in 1


Well you can add an anchor point if you want but you don’t have to, it always works for me


I did that but it didn’t seem to work and the character ended up coming after the overlay?


Can you show me the script of you’re character?


Then put &MC spot xxx before the overlay commands.


Yeah like @TheTurtleTrainer said you just need to type this

&CHARACTER spot x y z