Can someone please help with making an overlay?

Hey can someone please help.

I’ve found these backgrounds and I’d like some help turning bits into overlays please.


Can you please turn the cover into an overlay for me?


Can you please turn the counter into an overlay?

Credit will be given, thank you so much!! :grin:

From where did u get the bg

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I got it from so it’s copyright free. :smile:

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U want the blanket right from the first one

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Yes please :grin:

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i hope this is the thing u r looking for


Btw do u have insta

If u want changes tell me
N if it is ok i will give u the drive since it is not a png

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Yeah that’s cool. Thank you so much! :blush: :blob_hearts:

Can i use the bg

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Sure if you want :blush:

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