Can Someone Please Help with This

so I need a script where it’s just a normal day at work (work being a cafe) I just want people sitting and waiting, talking while someone is taking orders.
the bg is EXT. KC CAFE - DAY

I might get back to you on this. How busy were you wanting the cafe to be? And were you wanting people sitting at the seats in the background?

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pretty busy and if it’s possible yes I would like ppl to sit in the background

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Okay. I can do this for you, but I have one other obligation first if that’s okay :slight_smile:

oh yeah its okay i dont need it right away

Here’s the template! Make sure to follow the character guides (it isn’t required, but recommended for the best outcome) when creating via the character generator. Please don’t remove the implemented credit, and let me know if you’d like any changes made :slight_smile:.

Note: You’ll need to download some overlays for the best outcome, they’re provided below. Make sure to name them exactly as they’re named here in order to fit the template (TABLE CAFE is already provided in the portal)

Character guides

CAF1: Generic Female
CAF2: Generic Male
CAF3: Generic Female
CAF4: Generic Male
CAF5: Plus Female
CAF6: Generic Male
CAF7: Generic Female
CAF8: Generic Female
WORKER1: Generic Male
CAF9: Generic Male
WORKER2: Generic Female
CAF10: Generic Male








EXT. KC CAFE - DAY with TABLE CAFE at layer 3 with KC CAFE TABLEBL at layer -3 with KC CAFE TABLEBLC at layer -1 with KC CAFE TABLEFR at layer -3 with KC CAFE TABLEFRC at layer -1 with KC CAFE COUNTER at layer 1 with KC CAFE DISPLAY at layer 3
readerMessage Thank you to |bold|@winteronepisode|reset| on Instagram for the script template! with messageTitle Template Credit
&cut to zone 1 and zoom reset and pause for 1 then pan to zone 3 in 7 then pause for 1 then cut to zone 1 and CAF1 starts sip_cup_happy and CAF2 starts talk_think_neutral
&CAF1 spot 1.28 115 -75 in zone 1 and CAF1 faces right and CAF1 is talk_stemware_toast_happy and CAF1 moves to layer 2 and CAF2 spot 1.28 234 -60 in zone 1 and CAF2 faces left and CAF2 faces left and CAF2 is laugh_chuckle and CAF2 moves to layer 1 then CAF1 starts sip_cup_happy and CAF2 starts talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral
&CAF3 spot .436 250 448 in zone 1 and CAF3 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and CAF3 faces left and CAF3 moves to layer -2 and CAF5 spot .374 3 470 in zone 2 and CAF5 faces left and CAF5 is talk_sit_reassure_happy and CAF5 moves to layer -4 and CAF4 spot .311 314 505 in zone 1 and CAF4 faces left and CAF4 is think_rubchin and CAF4 moves to layer -5 and CAF6 spot .520 119 410 in zone 2 and CAF6 faces right and CAF6 is talk_sit_shrug_neutral and CAF6 moves to layer -4 and CAF8 spot .520 212 401 in zone 2 and CAF8 faces right and CAF8 is idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop and CAF8 moves to layer -4 and CAF7 spot .592 187 369 in zone 2 and CAF7 is idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and CAF7 faces left and CAF7 moves to layer -2 and WORKER1 spot .426 313 424 in zone 2 and WORKER1 faces left and WORKER1 is write_takenotes_neutral and WORKER1 moves to layer 2 and WORKER2 spot .466 129 420 in zone 3 and WORKER2 faces left and WORKER2 is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear and WORKER2 moves to layer -1 and CAF9 spot .522 68 385 in zone 3 and CAF9 faces left and CAF9 is rear and CAF9 moves to layer 2 and CAF10 spot .701 163 277 in zone 2 and CAF10 faces left and CAF10 moves to layer 0 then CAF10 walks to spot .701 -120 277 in zone 1 in 5
@add Coffee Cup To Go to CAF1
@add Notepad White Lined to WORKER1
@transition fade in black 1

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omgggg thank you a tons

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